OT – This woman deserves a medal

OT   This woman deserves a medal
I was going to post this on my blog but it’s so epic I thought it deserved a place here. This footage, which we assume was taken on a mobile phone (yes, it’s a tenuous link), shows a gang of robbers attempting to break into a jewellers with sledgehammers. After arriving on motorbikes most passers-by sit back and try to keep out of the way. However, shortly after a local tries to chase / run them down with a van, a valiant old lady runs towards them armed with nothing more than her hand-bag.

It’s only after the old lady starts whacking them that others decide to get involved. At the end of the video she walks off as if nothing has happened, presumably to continue her shopping trip.

Old lady, we salute you. You are a legend.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qR8kLaYMU0E’]

Update – Old lady found. She told reporters that she was surprised that others, “stood around doing nothing”. This lady deserves a medal. More on Sky News and The Sun. Her name is Ann Timson and she’s 71 years old.

Update 2 – OK, since this post she’s now become an international star and has appeared on NBC in the US ! She’s planning to eBay the handbag she used to whack the raiders ! 🙂

Link (Original video credit) – ITV Anglia Tonight
More info – BBC News