HTC Home, for your PC

HTC Home, for your PCWe’re probably a little late to the party with this one but, for those who haven’t seen it, you can now stick some HTC goodness into your desktop PC. This is HTC Home for Windows and has all the familiar weather transitions, clouds, raindrops and sunshine that you’ve seen on HTC handsets already. You can change your home town / city with the settings options and choose whether to have the weather animation on or off.

Ahh .. purdee…

Of course, the original phone-based widget was created by HTC, so how legal / ethical this is.. well, that’s another matter.

Link – HTC Home for WindowsHTC Home, for your PC
Credit – Daniel Foulds

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  • Billinge

    Like it! Just a shame the High and Low Temps are in Farenheit, while the current Temp is in Celsius.

  • Maybe a good idea to point to the newer version in the article ;)

    • Anonymous

      Will adjust now mate. Many thanks

    • Billinge

      I can’t get this one to work properly, I can’t change the City, or get weather updates. A shame as it shows realy promise over the old one.