LG Clock On Android Phones

If you have been keeping an eye on the latest android phones from LG you will have noticed a rather nice clock widget which also includes the weather. ┬áDon’t worry if you do not know what I mean, the picture below will jog your memory

The great news is you can now have this widget on any Android phone of your choice, not just on an LG phone.  There are 2 versions available to download, 1 with the border around the outside which is the normal one from LG or a customised one with no border, both can be downloaded from the link below

A handy tip though is if you are using the normal android home screen including HTC Sense this widget will take up the whole screen, to get around this simply install a 3rd party launcher like Launcher Pro.

I have tried this on a HTC Desire Z and although the widget installs, when trying to select the town for the weather a force close error pops up.

Link: XDA-Developers