Sony and Android get it on – Android store and development framework announced

Sony and Android get it on   Android store and development framework announcedSony have just announced a new software framework to bring advanced PlayStation games to more and more phones. Soon their “PlayStation Suite” will help create games for all sorts of Android handsets more easily.

They’re to kick things off with “PlayStation Store” for Android devices and an emulator for Android phones and tablets for the PlayStation Portable games that are currently out there. Then it gets very interesting. The PlayStation Suite allows cross platform, cross handset development for Android phones, tablets, PSP2 and PS3/PSN. This is due to arrive by the end of 2011.

Now that Sony seem to be making sweet, sweet love with Android it could mean serious competition for Windows Phone 7 and their XBox titles. It also means that Android customers will finally get a larger selection of high quality games that have, until now, been lacking somewhat on the platform.

Link – Engadget

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  • Lick0the0fish

    I wonder if they will incorporate this with an app to control the PS3 from the phone…

    • Itemsize


      They’ve hinted at remote play for the upcoming Playstation phone. It’ll be exactly the same as remote play for a PSP, which means that there’ll be very few PS3 games you can play via your phone, but there’s some!

      I can’t wait for this, and it is the perfect response to the Xbox live integration on WP7. I can finally make all those games I have stuck in my head a reality :)

  • I think I just heard a lot of toilets flush in Redmond…