Windows Phone 7 – 2 million sold .. to stores and networks

Windows Phone 7   2 million sold .. to stores and networks
Numbers. People LOVE numbers. Lots of us have been standing around outside the Microsoft HQ trying to get an idea on how the Windows Phone 7 handsets are doing. Well, we’ve had some details trickling out but now, through a Bloomberg interview, Microsoft Senior Product Manage Greg Sullivan has stated that 2 million handsets shipped in the last quarter. There’s also some details on satisfaction levels amoungst customers, which is all very positive indeed. According to internal stats from MS customer satisfaction is at 93% and customer awareness is up too.

Windows Marketplace is doing well too, with 6,500 apps available and big increases month-by-month. However, we must yet again point out that the 2 million “shipped” copies are based on sales from Microsoft to stores and networks, they’re not sales to customers, so you may have to squint a little for the real picture.

Link – Bloomberg
Credit – Harry

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