Google to tweak Android Market, improve purchase stats

Google to tweak Android Market, improve purchase statsThere’s a healthy library of apps in the Android Market, that’s a given, but there’s also a selection of pretty poor ones too. Google look set to correct this with a larger “human team” charged with removing apps that violate the Android Market terms and conditions. They will also make it easier to find the best apps and promote them.

Carrier / network billing is also on the cards, meaning that you could click and buy without having to worry about finding your credit card. It’s all to try and drive up app-sales, which have been a little disappointing. Google’s Android platform manager Eric Chu said that they were “not happy” about the amount of purchases made through the Market.

Link – Forbes
Credit – Apple Headlines

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  • Tirinoarim

    It would be REALLY helpful if they just added simple result sorting i.e. by rating or download count.

  • Marc

    Hopefully they’ll add a filter by country. I’m not too fussed on US transport or Japanese restaurants…

  • The market really does need an overhaul. I primarily discover apps through recommendations (forums, twitter) or tech sites. I can’t remember the last time I randomly stumbled upon a great app while just browsing the market. To be honest I don’t really browse much anyway as the experience is just poor.