Cloud printing from Google now on phones

Google have just released their new Cloud Printing solution to beta, which means we can all get it now.

It’s not a platform feature, but actually a web app feature, and works from Google’s web apps Gmail and Google Docs. You can use it on any phone that handles HTML 5 (so Android 2.1 or above and iOS 3.1 and above), and you will now be able to print e-mails and documents from the respective Google web apps. Good news for people that are thinking of getting a tablet and want to be able to print Google Docs, as it will work on most of them.

As ever there’s a catch – you also need to have a Windows PC running the Chrome 9 (beta) browser and hook up your printer to that. Mac and Linux support will follow apparently. Google are also aiming to have printers enabled from the box with the cloud connectivity, but that’s not happened yet.

This is definitely a work in progress, and perhaps reflects Google’s “release and see what happens” approach (vs Apple’s more controlled ethos), but Google also have the reputation for developing things extremely quickly, so it could really progress this year.

Link Google Blog