Notion Ink Adam starts shipping- and Bricking!

Notion Ink Adam starts shipping  and Bricking!

Well, this story was to report the long awaited Notion Ink Adam Tablet was finally shipping to those that pre-ordered back in early January.

But as I looked around for information and some images I came across this from Android Police:

The first of Notion Ink’s Adam tablets are arriving in the hands of consumers today – and it sounds like things aren’t going as smoothly as Notion Ink would like.

A tipster has informed us that upon booting up his device, he had various problems with the software keyboard, and then was informed an update was available for his Adam. After downloading the update and allowing it to install, his Adam would no longer boot. No hangs – just a blank screen.

This post was backed up by Notion Ink emailing this to customers:


Greetings from Notion Ink!

First of all, we would like to Welcome you to the Notion Ink Family!

We understand and share your excitement about you receiving your Adam.

Secondly, a couple of our family members who received the Adam already, reported to us that they faced some issues in updating their device.

So, as a precautionary measure, we would advice you to refrain from updating your Adam until we investigate this matter and contact you with an official update regarding this matter.

In case you need any other assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Warm Regards
Notion Ink

Please DO NOT reply to this e-mail. Instead, please send a fresh e-mail to the address mentioned above.

So, if this is true, it would appear the Adam is being bricked by the OTA update that is ready to be installed as soon as you power up the device.

I have no idea if this is an isolated incident, I certainly hope so as the Adam has the potential to be a great device.


It does appear to be true, but Notion Ink have started working on a fix.Quick work, but should it have happened in the first place?

Credit: Android PoliceNotion Ink Fan

(Apologies for any mistakes- it’s my first post!)

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  • Seabeetodd

    I see from that they have send out a fix and people are getting up and running fast work if you ask me

    • Stuart McGregor

      Indeed, I have added a link to the story, thanks.

  • Within just a few hours, in the middle of the night (in India where NI is based), the NI team put together an easy-to-follow plan to alleviate this issue. One of the forums they sent it to is:
    And, cut these guys some slack, hands down the Adam stomps ANYTHING on the tablet market and does so ahead of Google even releasing their Android “tablet” OS. Notion Ink stepped up and made it’s customers happy in the middle of the night, when large corporations wouldn’t even know they have a problem until 9AM the next day !