HTC Smart 2 Leakage ?

HTC Smart 2 Leakage ?Last year we were in Barcelona to see the HTC Smart being announced. Using the Qualcomm Brew platform it serves as a first step on the ladder for many future smartphone owners. Now, with yet another leak, there’s what looks like a successor.

This unit almost appears to have braile on the front and a rather strange button layout. Again, this indicates part of a HTC launch at Mobile World Congress. We’ll be back on site again this year to see this and every other phone in the flesh.

Link – Pocketnow

HTC Leak - HTC Desire 2 pictured?
Another leaked HTC render ahead of MWC
  • Anonymous

    The HTC Smart was such a waste of time. I seem to recall it costing almost as much as the infinitely superior HTC Wildfire.

  • Jism

    Rather like your comments then. Let’s face it, I’ve seen a LOT of people just downright poo-poo your comments. It happens a lot. At least with this new site interface we don’t have to look at a grinning idiot in a stupid santa hat thinking he’s cool, not realising that everyone else in the room is laughing at him.