No more Sony Xperia Updates

Sony have confirmed that they will not be doing any more OS updates for their Xperia X10, X10 Mini and X10 Mini Pro. This means they will be forever stuck at Android 2.1, with no possibility of FroYo. Seems that Sony had issues getting Timescape & Mediascape updated for these devices & they don’t want to go through it again, after the huge amount of time it took to get 2.1 out.

No more Sony Xperia Updates

But, Sony says this is a learning opportunity for them, and they will be putting lots of effort into faster updates for future devices. So that should mean the fabulous looking new Sony Ericsson Arc, which will start on Android 2.3, will have some futureproofing. Lets hope so.

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  • James Pearce

    I am so glad I went with a htc desire last year.

  • Wortip

    Sell it, then dump it, thanks Sony Ericsson.

  • I’m now extremely glad I got the wife to swap over to the Desire from the X10 during her cooling off period last year. This is poor showing from Sony and it will certainly make lot of people think twice when it’s upgrade time.

  • Anonymous

    So the X10 Mini and Mini Pro finally got Android 2.1 then?

    The Arc ditches the overly messy custom UI from the X10 range. It’s stock Android with a Timescape App. This makes it run much more fluidly.