Android App Review – HeLauncher

In the last few weeks a new android home replacement app has arrived on the scene, it is called HeLauncher. What’s that I hear you say “not another one”, yes it is another one. But this one is so simple, uncluttered and easy to use. Especially when you compare it to the new version of ADW Launcher, ADW Launcher Ex and LauncherPro.

HeLauncher is described as follows on the android market:

Based off of Launcher, 5 screens, drop-to-uninstall, resizable widgets, scrollable widgets and having five custom dockbar styles.

Which all sounds fairly normal, apart from the five custom dockbar styles, this is what makes this launcher so different. Below are screenshots of each.

You can also use scrollable widgets like Agenda Widget to have a full screen scrollable agenda view of your calendar. You can also resize widgets that you have placed on your home screens. So if you download a battery status widget that is 2×1 you can stretch it to be 4×1 or vice versa. The drop-to-uninstall functions by dragging a widget onto the rubbish bin and it offers to uninstall the app for you.

To sum HeLauncher up though, it is quick, simple, uncluttered, does not have hundreds of options to try and break your phone with, it just works. I also noticed my battery life was a bit longer using this launcher too.

You can get this from the android market, there is also a donate version.

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