More Playstation Phone Info.. Has Xperia Brand!

Leaks of the ‘PlayStaton’ phone are coming thick and fast these last few weeks with with CES underway and MWC next month it is safe to say this phone is real and about to be launched to the world.  If I was to pick either event I would have thought MWC was the perfect place, especially with Sony Ericsson having their usual day early event.

Engadget have some more photos of the device which now has the ‘Xperia’ logo and looks more polished in the finish, and in screenshots looks to be running Android 2.3 ‘Gingerbread’

Interesting the slide out design featuring just the navigation buttons and the traditional PlayStation symbols, a lot of people would have thought a QWERTY would be there but considering this is a gaming focused phone it was to be expected.  What is also interesting is to find out how Sony will distribute games, we have seen screenshots of a Playstaion App on the menu which would be the perfect OTA place for these.

Link: Engadget