USB Battery Extender

This device is almost identical to this other

battery extender reviewed
previously. There’s exactly the same features –
and on/off switch to allow charging and four "AA" sized batteries are required
to get it working..

USB Battery Extender

The big difference is the power outlet – It’s not a Smartphone
connection, it’s a USB outlet. In theory this means you can plug anything that
is fed from a USB port into this should it require power (I’m not sure whether
anyone would like to try that theory though!) This USB outlet does, however,
mean that a wider variety of Smartphones can be plugged into it to extend
battery life. I tried it with my Tanager Smartphone and everything worked fine –
charging was quick and it’s a life-saver if you’re just about to squeeze the
last bit of power from your Smartphone battery.

USB Battery Extender

On the predictably blurry picture above (I’m not too hot with
cameras!) You can just see the USB outlet – this is exactly the same to the one
on your PC.

To get one of these, it’ll cost you
£8.99 from
Just click here for
more info and to buy one.

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    This is a great product. It’s very simple and also performs well. And I’m thrilled to find something this inexpensive that works.