Sync & Charge Cable

Sync & Charger Cable for Smartphone –

£8.49 from

Tested on – HTC Tanager (Smart Amazing OS


Sync & Charge Cable

You know, I’ve been sitting here thinking (which isn’t something
I do too often, as it interrupts beer drinking) .. there ain’t really too much
you can say about this cable really. I mean, it’s about 2 metres long, it’s
black (calm down, calm down – no – I’m not going there – STOP, STOP RIGHT NOW
… dirty minds.. tskk) … Anyhow where was I ? Oh yeah. It’s a big long black
(wait, wait….) cable that will let you ActiveSync your phone with your PC,
plus it’ll charge the phone directly off your PC’s power.

…and there you go. No additional drivers needed. It’s a must for any
Smartphone user who has the provider cradle on a PC at work, whilst they have
nothing at home – or vice versa.


Where do I get one?

You can purchase one of these wicked keyboards from
for £8.49 here in the UK ($13.57 US) – simply
click here to get more info or buy one


Sync & Charge Cable.