SmartPhone Comments

Over the months I’ve had lots of emails from people commenting on the SmartPhone and its qualities etc. I thought I’d stick a page together with these comments, so if you’re thinking of getting a SmartPhone read on. It’s also worth checking out the Guestbook for more comments.

I’ve just upgraded to an SPV from a crappy T68 in an Orange shop and got the SPV free, £20 back on me T68 and a free DVD! Not bad!

After using the smartphone while driving, I forgot placed the phone between my legs. When I got to my destination, I opened the drivers door and the Smartphone dropped to the ground and bounced once or trice to the other lane of the road. Seeing an oncoming car, I raised my hand to stop it so I could get my phone. But the guy didnt stop and just slowed down.

Looking at my smartfone still on the road, I saw the entire keypad under the fron tire of the car. I saw the screen go blank. I immediately stooped down to get what was left of my smartphone only to my surprize that, when i switched it on, it DID switched on.

I was still working fine and no electronic problems encountered to day, two weeeks after the incident. It’s just simply amazing!

I bought my SPV at the beginning of February after my mate was showing me his. I wanted it straight away I was so impressed. I bought one and its the best phone I’ve ever had. My mates are impressed with it and I got doom on my phone too. The birds love the camera.

I was pleasantly surprised when my local orange shop told me I was entitled to an upgrade when I went in to change my tariff a few days ago, imagine my horror though when I found out that the only phones that were actually free were my old Nokia (actually my old old phone) and this thing I’d never heard of (the SPV), made by a firm I’d never heard of (HTC) – presumably some state owned Korean labour movement. The guy at he shop clinched it though when he said I could take away a free DVD – and keep my old phone to make calls on! I thought I could always sell it on on eBay if the worst came to the worst! (as you may have worked out – I am not a phone guru by any means). Anyway on powering the thing up – and on finding this and other brilliant sites, I soon realised I had stumbled onto a top piece of kit, doom and your las ketchup video ensures its position as leader in the highly competitive office toy market – in fact I’ve already shelled out £50 on a 256Mb Card – so thanks a lot!

I’ve been checking your site quite a bit, but I was considering buying a P800. However – since I found out just how much support and good stuff your “SmartPhone” can do, I bought an SPV instead – I’m VERY happy with it, and just wanted to say thanks to you for producing such an excellent website for it.

So far your website has proved to be invaluable to me and my new toy: the SPV. Thanks to your tips, expertise and general information, I have been able to unlock my phone, install various apps and play Doom to my heart’s content. I can’t thank you enough.

I have to be honest and say at first I was unhappy with the phone, however – thanks to all the help I’ve received from you I’m now extremely happy. Awesome web site by the way!

Just a quick note to congratulate you on your SPV site…’s the dogs danglers! I never realised that you could change the phone so much – it’s like customizing a car! I love this phone!

I just want to thank you for all the support and help you have given me in the past in making my spv even more amazing. This site started from what and whats it become major stuff. i have never seen something take off like this before.its brilliant.