SanDisk Ultra II 2Gb SD card

SanDisk Ultra II 2Gb SD card

What can I say about the SanDisk Ultra II 2.0Gb SD card ? Well, to be honest you can’t say much. That’s not a bad thing either. This thing is massive – it’s like the tardis. It’s amazing to think that I had a hard drive in my PC just a few months ago which was the same size as this!

This card comes from, who do a large variety of cards, readers, bluetooth kit and more. If your phone needs a storage boost – these are the guys to contact.

SanDisk Ultra II 2Gb SD card

The card arrives in a standard plastic case, which is good for carrying around blanking-plates or spare cards if you wish to swap around. I popped it into my Orange SPV M2000 Pocket PC and loaded some TV shows that I’d recorded onto it. The card was already formatted for me too, so it was plug and play. Plus of course there’s no need to worry about space – not with a card this size!

The card lives up to its name – it is ultra quick and – when used with a good card reader – it shows. What more can I say ? Fantastic speed, reliable (I’ve used this daily for around 1 month now and it’s never let me down!) and a fantastic price. Plus there are even cheaper own-brand cards at if you want to save even more cash.

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