MPx220 on Contract in UK

Motorola MPx220 – I’ve got one at last

MPx220 on Contract in UK

After 12 months with my mpx200 and being extremely pleased I have eagerly waited Orange in the UK to offer the mpx220 for the last 6 months. I usually get a free upgrade every 12 months because there is bound to be something better out there – and it’s free. Just wanted the same phone with Bluetooth and a camera would be nice.

Seems Orange are pretty well stuck on the SPV range so I had a look, and whilst it seemed to be a fine device, it wasn’t the clamshell I had become used to and liked.

Patience not always being my strong suit I started searching for an mpx220. Some found on Ebay and some other direct sellers sites, but, from £200 plus. I have never paid for a mobile phone yet and decided now wasn’t the time to start. I asked Motorola who responded promptly to say that they had not got a release date for the mpx220 in the UK. Searched around some more on Google and found a supplier offering it free on Vodaphone or O2 as long as the contract was £30 a month or more.

This seemed too good to be true and so I asked them a few poignant questions about suitability for use, what Motorola had told me, delivery time and then sat back and watched them for a couple of weeks to see if they continued to offer it.

MPx220 on Contract in UK

I finally decided to bite the bullet and accept that my number would have to change to an O2 one – not such a terrible thing as too many people have my Orange number anyway and bother me with sales calls and the like. Could have had the silver version but went for the black – more expensive looking I reasoned. It took a whole week for it to arrive – mostly my fault as I got my bank account number wrong on the direct debit!

So now I have it. Used it for about 10 days and am well pleased. Does everything the 200 did, in some cases better thanks to the second edition 2003 software and a bigger internal memory.

MPx220 on Contract in UK

The megapixel camera isn’t as good as a digcam I have of the same resolution but it will no doubt prove useful as unlike that one the phone will always be with me.

Quickly ordered and received from Motorola a leather case and a desk cradle – next day delivery for both was impressive. Also got a Bluetrek G2 headset from Ebay which works brilliantly and is so light I have to check from time to time that it hasn’t fallen off! The old 200 cradle won’t work as the connection is different being a more generic Motorola one – good thing is that it is a common one and so leads and chargers are easy to get.

If you have a 200, are generally pleased with it, and want to upgrade then the mpx220 should suit you down to the ground. Now this isn’t a recommendation as I can only tell you about one simple deal with them, but, it was supplied by so have a look and judge for yourself.


Cradle – Closed

MPx220 on Contract in UK

Cradle – Open

MPx220 on Contract in UK

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