Car Charger (for HTC Canary / Tanager)

I feel it necessary to waffle in this review, because there isn’t really much you can say about this Smartphone accessory. Is that a reflection on the product ? No – it’s just that there isn’t a great deal you can say about a Car Charger. I guess if I worked for a shopping channel I could spend 20 minutes rambling on about it, but I won’t .. much. :)

This car charger comes with a generous coiled cable and does exactly what it says on the tin. One end goes into your cigarette lighter / power outlet in your car. The other end plugs straight into the bottom of your Smartphone. That’s it – job done.

On the top of the charger is a small red LED, to inform you that your phone is charging. There is also a funky design on the main body of the charger which makes it look a bit different to the other chargers on the market. You can just see the grill effect on the picture above and below.

That’s it really! Get one now for £8.49 by clicking here to go to

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