Canary – A Faster bird than a Tanager?

A very explosive news, came to me today.

Checking the manual of both HTC birds, the Canary and the Tanager, i saw what it seems to be an error, but maybe not.

The new Tanager is actualy slower than it’s predecessor Canary.

Despite, they both use a TI OMAP 720 (ARM9) processor, Canary is clocked at 133Mhz and Tanager only 120Mhz. this is a major drawback. 13Mhz can make a big difference in this business.

The reason for this is still unknown, but the Tanager manual is actually the Canary manual with some modifications, and if you notest, it still says that the Tanager has a reflective TFT screen, which means, that it was intended to change the processor speed. But they have forgoten the screen.

Now what?

Can it really be that the new “birdy” is flying slower??