C550 – More First Impressions

Theres a few things i picked up on which other review havn’t mentioned so feel free to mention them!

– Camera is better (could have been even better with a 2.0 megapixcel, oh well)
– When i send mms messages an icon now displays in the top right corner of the screen letting you know its sending and makes a confirmation noise when the mms has been sent.
– The sound quality of recorded audio using the default ‘voice recorder’ thingy sounds better quality.
– You can press buttons and use the joystick at the same time- great for the DOOM II player 😀

– The phone speaker seems to have more ‘bass’ in which is good but i think it isn’t as loud.
– Most games such as DOOM 2 and Worms all play fine but in a small part of the screen- which is very annoying.
– Other games show up in the top left corner of the screen with the text lines overlapping each other and various other graphics problems such as ‘Mavec 4’
– I felt the phone is closer to the Classic SPV in terms of appearance and didn’t look as ‘boyish’ as the C500… rather more… dare i say… a cheapish elegant look

More first impressions from Gary Cook…

Just upgraded from the C500 to the C550 and I have to say…”its the absolute nuts!”

In my honest opinion the screen is superb, bright, clear, much easier to read. They seem to have improved the speaker, the headphones are better, the joystick works better than the “flicky thing” on the 500, the camera takes a decent picture now (seems to give a better low light performance) – they’ve upgraded the video capture ( well, it sure seems like it, it appears to have a higher frame rate? ) and of course the phone has loads more memory, making the whole thing run a darn sight quicker.

Downsides? The free musicplayer service is Ok, but not great. The fireplayer thingy is a nice toy, but when you click the “get new tunes” it chucks you to a page on Orange world with no Fireplayer tunes. There are also a few apps which try to work in the old screen res, but hey, omlettes and eggs.

All in all a superb “upgrade” to a pretty decent phone ! More evolution than revolution, but definitely worth getting 🙂

C550   More First Impressions