Brasso Gadgetcare

The Brasso Gadgetcare product is designed for cleaning and shining gadgets and removing those pesky fingerprints and marks. Sure, you could polish your phone with your sleeve or rub against your shirt every once in a while, but the smudges and smears will soon come back.

Brasso are a big brand. They’ve made cleaning and polishing products for over 100 years now. The original paste is for metal polishing but now this new product helps to keep your gadgets looking their best. The
pack we have here costs £5.99 and what looks like a small bottle, but looks are deceiving – only one or two small squirts are needed.

We filmed a video, which turned into an advert of sorts, showing the product in action below…

Open the pack, add a drop to your device and just use the provided cloth to gently wipe your device without smears or streaks. Brasso have added a protective silicone layer to this soft jelly-like fluid and it doesn’t take much work to get the screen and every other part of your device gleaming.

Brasso Gadgetcare

Now, if we’re honest, cleaning just your phone with this could seem like a bit of a waste. You’ll probably want to try it on other things too – we tested it on an LCD TV and it worked a treat. The silicone layer does help to prevent those greasy fingerprints coming back so quick too.

Check out the before and after below…

Brasso GadgetcareBrasso Gadgetcare

We tried it out with two HTC Desire handsets. As you can see they’re both pretty mucky. I just used one
blob on each phone..

Brasso GadgetcareBrasso Gadgetcare

After a quick rub with that magic cloth they’re both sparkling…

Brasso Gadgetcare



What can I say about this product? It works an absolute treat. The packet tells you to stick two or three blobs onto the device but I found that one was enough to sort out all of the fingerprints and muck that had built up after a sweaty journey on the tube, train or bus journey. Most people have their phone in their hands more and more now, so this is a great little product for keeping those smears and fingerprints at bay. It did the job, it did it quickly and I didn’t have any extra streaks to sort out. Job done.

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HTC Desire HD