BoxWave miniSync

Boxwave MiniSync

What is it ?
A durable, light-weight, tiny sync-cable for your smartphone with charger! The power comes directly from any USB port – just plug in and go.

Where can I use it ?
This is ideal for laptop users, or anyone who wants to quickly connect to their Smartphone without having to carry around a huge long cable everywhere.

How does it differ from the Smartphone cradle ?
Well, for a start it charges from your USB port, so if you are stuck you can charge your phone from the laptop / PC without having to cart around your power-charger everywhere! Apart from that, the functionality is identical to that of your cradle.

Why so special ? I’ve seen other cables !
Well, this one coils up for a start. Take a look at this…

This is the cable in its’ “coiled” setting. The spring-loaded centre piece automatically pulls both ends of the cable toward the centre. If you want, you can set the cable to a certain length – the mechanism is a lot like a seatbelt in reverse.

Here’s a side view – you can see the cable is nicely and neatly coiled away. The cable is seperated automatically, so there’s no snags or knots.

You can see in the piccy below how the cable can be easily locked into any length necessary – the cable below isn’t fully extended – it is quite long. It’s 35 inches in length, which is about a metre in new money.

Also, due to the mechanism, it’s not possible to have one “end” longer than the other – this again prevents snags and cable twists.

The cable itself, well – I have to be honest, I thought it was very thin – it’s flat and extremely narrow. However, Boxwave have used a strong ultra-thin reinforced cable and after several bangs, knocks, yanks and pulls I can safely say that the cable is extremely stong.

Where do I get it ?
Boxwave (a US company) make the miniSync, click here to view their website or on the piccy below for purchase information. It’s definitely worth checking out – at the time of writing they have a special web-price of $18.50, which is a snip at £11 (16 Euro). Don’t get put off by the fact that they’re based over in the USA either, as they do International Shipping and delivery is extremely speedy.

Award Winning miniSync

Overall ?
This is a fantastic accessory, and I wouldn’t go anywhere without it now. You can even use it along with the miniSync car charger to plug your phone into your cigarette lighter and charge!

This is easily one of the best accessories I’ve seen for the Smartphone, so if you don’t have a sync / charge cable already – get your mitts on this now!

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