Battery Extender

Battery Extender for Smartphone –

£8.99 from

Tested on – HTC Tanager (Smart Amazing OS


Battery Extender

Yes we know ! The Smartphone is great and all but what
about battery life? Do you find that after a long night on the beer you’ve
forgotten to charge your trusty Smartphone? Well fear not! 🙂 The Battery
Extender does exactly what it says on the tin.

Needing just 4 AA batteries, this is one very useful
little gadget. This is an essential for any work bag, glove compartment or –
well heck even a suitcase. Just nip down the shop and grab yourself 4 AA
batteries and pop them in ready for when the need arises.

The battery extender itself is not much wider than the
batteries themselves, and not much longer either, so if you choose to carry it
around then it’s just like carrying a mobile phone. The battery extender comes
complete with
reverse circuit
protection so you can’t possibly overcharge your Smartphone or damage it.
There’s also a long cable which is roughly twice the height of an Orange SPV or
Smart Amazing Phone (HTC Canary / Tanager) and a cool LED to tell you when
there’s power.

 Battery Extender

"We shouldn’t NEED one of these though!!", I hear you
cry…. well, sure – in an ideal world we wouldn’t EVER need something like
this, but the plain fact is – you might do. So, why should you buy it? Well, if
you’re someone who is only in your car for a short space of time (and you can’t
charge it from the cigarette lighter) then this is ideal – we’re talking….

– Commuters on trains / busses

– People taking flights and are away from a power source
for a long time (and you are not flying First Class with power provided etc!)

– Holidaymakers – If you’re in a foreign land and you
don’t have the right adapter, this could keep you going for ages!

– The list goes on! Businessmen who visit lots of
customer premises, campers, hikers, climbers, builders – basically ANYONE who
may be away from a power source for a long time!

The main power unit comes with an off/on switch so you don’t drain your 4AA
batteries while it is sitting around doing nothing. This is a definite buy for
anyone who finds themselves shouting, "come on! I need to get this SMS / EMail /
Phone Call finished!! Quick!"

Where do I get one?

You can purchase one of these wicked keyboards from
for £8.99 here in the UK ($14.37 US) – simply
click here to get more info or buy one