The Desire HD and HD Voice – Does it have it?

The Desire HD and HD Voice   Does it have it? Back in November we first got to hear about the HTC Desire HD having the Orange HD Voice capability. Eagle-eyed readers had spotted Orange stores displaying the feature right next to the new Android handset. A short while later Orange got in touch to say that some stores were displaying the wrong info and it wasn’t enabled in the Desire HD.

Stephen Skelton has now emailed in after buying a Desire HD and, whilst flicking through this Desire HD quick start guide he saw several mentions to the HD Voice capability. With Christmas right around the corner we may have to wait to get the official (re)confirmation, but we’re asking Orange once again to tell us for definite whether it is as the handset isn’t showing on the HD Voice pages on the Orange site.

Link – HTC Desire Quick Start Guide