Windows Phone 7.5 next year?

Windows Phone 7.5 next year? We’ve already heard that an early update is coming in January, followed by possibly another one around the same time as Mobile World Congress. Early rumours have called these first updates “massive” but now there’s some slightly different news surrounding the upcoming Windows Phone 7 improvements.

It now seems that the January / February updates will merely be bug fixes and minor tweaks. Mary-Jo Foley states that a much more substantial update should appear in August or September 2011 with her sources calling it, “Mango” with perhaps a new retail name of “Windows Phone 7.5”.

Mango will likely add Silverlight and HTML 5 supportwith Far Eastern language support and other features. “Apollo” will apparently be the internal codename for Windows Phone 8, expected in 2012.

Link – ZDNet