Windows Phone 7 UI, now for Android

Windows Phone 7 UI, now for Android Hot on the heels of yesterdays’ Gingerbread Launcher comes another home screen replacement called “Windows Phone Android”. If you’re an Android owner and want to get a flavour of Windows Phone 7 device, just hop into the Android Market, download it and then you can choose to have it replace your normal home screen / HTC Sense / MotoBLUR interface.

You begin with a blank screen and, when you swipe right, you just choose the app you’d like to “pin” to the start menu. The tiles get created and you can change theme colours or accent colours just like the real thing.

We’ve tried it on a HTC Desire and, in the video below, on a Motorola DEFY handset. It seems to work rather well, even though it’s only “skin-deep”.

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