Gingerbread – When is it coming to a phone near you?

Gingerbread   When is it coming to a phone near you? Most handsets have only just got to Android 2.2 but now people are already asking when Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) will be popping up on their handset. We already know that the all-new Nexus S will run it, but what of other devices? Some news is starting to trickle out for owners of HTC, Samsung and LG devices but there’s not a great deal to go on just yet. have feedback from these three manufacturers. For the Galaxy S, Samsung state that they will “review” the update and, if it passes the review then they’ll develop the update, test it and then make it available.

HTC don’t have a specific timeframe but they are “excited” about the update and will “definitely have some phones running the OS”. LG, however, have said that Android 2.3 won’t be coming to the Optimus range “because they have a 600MHz processor” and state that there’s a 1GHZ CPU minimum requirement. This, it seems, isn’t actually true and LG have since stated that this response “was released prematurely”. This official response added that “LG will upgrade all Optimus One smartphones currently using the Froyo OS to the next version of the Android OS, Gingerbread.”.

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Credit – MoominKing