Windows Phone 7 – 15 App Push Notification Limit

Windows Phone 7   15 App Push Notification Limit If you’ve seen our Windows Phone 7 Review then you’ll know about the “Push Notifications” that update the Live Tiles on the main screen. It’s what makes those Live Tiles.. err.. “Live”. A lot of the apps we tested didn’t seem to have the ability to use these notifications, but apps are now starting to appear. Why the delay? Well, from what we understand all push notifications are only ever sent out by Microsoft servers. Any third-party app has to talk to these servers and then details get sent out to your phone.

However, Clarity Consulting have now dug out a problem. Only 15 applications can register for push notifications per device. When you try to add another you’ll get a rather nasty error message telling you that your “quota” has been exceeded.

Taking this from a user experience angle I’d probably agree that keeping a limit on pop-ups, notifications and Live Tile updates will help with the user experience.. but .. only 15 apps?

Hopefully the upcoming OS update will remove this cap and add a little more flexibility.

Link – Clarity Consulting
Credit – Mobility Digest