3 announces iPad pricing

After Orange & T-Mobile, 3 have now announced their pricing for the iPad.

The up front cost is identical, with £199 for a 16gb, £249 for a 32gb, and £349 for a 64gb on a 24 months contract, but the monthly charge is £25 a month to all customers (new and existing) and the really good news is a whoping 15gb a month data allowance.

So for comparison, here are the deals stacked against each other

  • Orange   – 1gb anytime + 1 gb offpeak + 3gb WiFi (add £2 a month for non-Orange customers)
  • T-Mobile – 1gb anytime + 1 gb offpeak (add £2 a month for non-T-Mobile customers)
  • 3           – 15gb anytime

That must make 3 the network to go for if you’re looking for a subsidised iPad – that data allowance is huge!

Well done 3!

Link – Three