WP7 Custom Ringtone Manager – WMA files only?

WP7 Custom Ringtone Manager   WMA files only? The people that brought you the Windows Phone 7 unlock tool have now released a custom ringtone manager for Windows Phone 7. Don’t pop those champagne corks just yet though, this needs either an unlocked developer phone or that unlock tool we mentioned earlier. The latter is no longer available after the people behind it were involved in talks with Microsoft. It now appears that the team will be “involved with the shaping of the platform” going forward.

So the upshot is that, for most people, you’ll still not be able to add your own ringtones to Windows Phone 7. Even if you do still have the ChevronWP7 unlock tool and manage to get the on-device XAP working, it requires WMA files. Yes, Windows Media Audio, and only five 48Khz ones. I’m trying to be positive here, but I believe we ran into the whole “WMA files only” issue in 2002. I’m hoping that it’s just an temporary thing and we’ll be able to add our own MP3 files soon enough.

Link – Custom Ringtone ManagerMicrosoft talks with ChevronWP7