Samsung Galaxy Tab Video & Apology

Samsung Galaxy Tab Video & Apology

First of all i would like to apologize to everyone for the big mistake/mess which was my attempt at ‘A Week With’ series.  For those of you who saw just over a week ago I got sent a Galaxy Tab to look at by Vodafone and I thought this was the perfect chance to start off a video series of my time with the device.

However the first video was met with quite a lot of negative points mainly around the lack of tripod use which I did not have at the time.  From there it went downhill and with internet issues, HD clips not moving over to the computer and all hell breaking loose technical wise I was unable to publish any updated videos.

So to make up for this I have now recorded a 20 minute video overview of the Tab from looking at the hardware and the software.  There is no script, just me giving honest points about the Tab and what worked and what did not.

I do realise that there might have been some things missed out on this video, if so please ask your question in the comments and I will answer before the Tab gets returned to Vodafone.  Thanks for bearing with me and for following CoolSmartPhone.

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