Herotab M802 / aPad IMX515 Review

Herotab M802 / aPad IMX515 Review There’s many Android tablet devices on the market at the moment. You can find them online, electrical retailers, Argos and even in supermarkets. The Herotab M802 (aka aPad IMX515) is one of the lower-priced devices. It has an 8″ screen and comes in at $209.99 (around 131.94). For that you’re getting an 800×680 pixel resistive screen, 512MB DDR2 RAM, external speaker, 3.5mm headphone jack, microphone, G-sensor, WiFi, USB port and 4200mAh battery. There’s no GPS, Bluetooth or multi-touch but it will play 720p videos fairly well on the 800MHz CPU. We’ve now got a full review, complete with up-close shots and video, online.

This device also comes with a leather carry-case and, if the offer is still on, a free USB flexible keyboard.

Link – Merimobiles.comHerotab M802 / aPad IMX515 Review