Upcoming reviews – Video highlights..

Upcoming reviews   Video highlights.. We’ve got a number of reviews coming in the next week or so but, with the videos already recorded, we thought we’d give you a little look at what’s ahead. Today we’ve spent our final day with the Herotab M802 / aPad MX515 with a special close-up tour too. In addition to that there’s another HTC 7 Mozart video showing the all-new Orange-branded device with Windows Phone 7.

While I was filming these videos I got interrupted, so I’ve filmed a special “behind the scenes” video showing you what it’s like to work in the coolsmartphone kitchen.

Click on to watch them all…

Links – Herotab M802 / aPad MX515 (Day 3)Close-up tour

Links – HTC 7 Mozart Overview 2Behind the scenes

Herotab M802 / aPad MX515 (Day 3)

Close-up tour

Behind the scenes in the coolsmartphone kitchen

HTC 7 Mozart Overview 2