Rovio lists unsupported Angry Birds devices

Rovio lists unsupported Angry Birds devices We’ve had a bit of feedback about the utterly addictive Angry Birds. Most of you love it, but there’s a lot of you who are a little annoyed because it has a few performance issues on your particular phone. Now Rovio have publlished a list of phones which are not supported by Rovio, the people behind the game.

Owners of slightly older devices like the HTC Hero, G1 and Tattoo sit rather uncomfortably next to new handsets like the HTC Wildfire, Sont Ericsson X10 mini, Motorola Backflip and more. To make the whole fragmentation issue worse all devices running Android 1.6 or below aren’t supported either. Don’t throw your device in the bin just yet though, Rovio do have a “lightweight” version in development, so hang tight. Hopefully this will again be a warning shot for Google – apps shouldn’t have to have comments and notes in the Android Market that state, “Doesn’t work on Hero” or “Not compatible with Wildfire”. If you have an Android then stuff should just work, end of.

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