Herotab M802/APAD IMX515 Overview video

Herotab M802/APAD IMX515 Overview video There’s now loads of different Android tablets to choose from. Today we’ve had the Herotab M802 delivered and given it the usual in-car unboxing. It’s available from merimobiles.com for $209.99 with a free leather case and, if you order now, a flexible USB keyboard too.

The device has Android 2.2, WiFi, a 3.5mm audio jack, USB / charging port, 4GB flash, G-Sensor, microSD card slot and an 800MHz CPU. The screen though is an 8″ 800×680 WVGA resistive unit so.. is it any good? In this first video we were a little too far from the wireless access point (and there’s no SIM slot for mobile access) so we take a look at the unboxing and the unit itself. Click on for the video..

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