A day in the garage

A day in the garage Something weird happened today. I had two hours – two whole hours .. free. To be honest I’d forgotten what it was like. I dropped our son off at pre-school, came home, made a cup of tea, then somehow ended up in the garage. It’s a mans domain and, in a corner, I found a bag full of chargers. After spending 30 minutes untangling them I realised that I’ve no idea what devices they were for. Doah.

But there, down in the bottom of the bag, was a HTC Touch. I thought I’d sold it. It’s three years old now and still looks good. I didn’t have time to reminisce though – especially as I’d brought home the invoice from the pre-school, so I decided to sell it, and quick. A quick click-eroo on Compare Mobile Recycling revealed that this old phone is still worth £33. Not bad at all, and a much-needed boost to the finances.

Moral of the tale ? Clean out your garage if you’re looking for some Christmas cash, you never know what you might find. If you find an old phone, try the link below for the best deal on it.

Now, all I’ve got to do is find a comparison site for random old chargers..

Link – CompareMobileRecycling.co.uk