Eric Schmidt Shows Off Nexus S (UPDATED)

Eric Schmidt Shows Off Nexus S (UPDATED)

Watching Web 2.0 Summit live online now Eric Schmidt has been seen using a device which is the same device rumoured to be the Samsung Nexus S

Eric has also just commented”

‘I said there was not a Nexus Two, I didn’t say anything about a Nexus S’

Also when asked by Engadget in the Q&A session about when will we see Gingerbread (2.3) the answer was

‘In the next few weeks’

So with that breaking news and the fact we are seeing lots of images of a ‘Nexus S’ device plus a real device in the open it is safe to assume the Nexus S will be announced alongside Gingerbread within the next few weeks.

Update – More photos online on Engadget
Links – EngadgetLive feed