Windows Phone 7 – microSD card drama

Windows Phone 7   microSD card drama It’s not the app store, it’s not the battery life, it’s not a signal problem (hello Apple), no.. the biggest Windows Phone 7 issue seems to be this thing. The microSD card. A lot of Windows Phone 7 devices seem to have them, but a lot of those have them very well hidden and not “user accessible”. The HTC 7 Mozart had to be completely split in two to get at it and the HTC HD7 has to be dismantled a little too. Microsoft, though, are telling us not to do this. That’s understandable for the devices with hidden microSD card slots, but what about devices like the Samsung Focus in the USA? This is a device with a user accessible slot but there’s a big sticker on that saying, “Woah, read the guide first”.

Engadget have been told by Microsoft that only “certified high-speed microSD card(s)” can be used but …

“”This information is not currently marked on any microSD packaging in market today. As a result, we are advising customers to delay purchasing an external microSD card until the cards identified as “Certified for Windows Phone 7″ are available commercially or in AT&T stores.”

It seems that the OS is very stringent on the type of card and, at the time of writing, you can’t actually buy a card with that special certification stamped on it. So, currently, we’d have to advise you not to try upgrading your Windows Phone 7 card, even if it has an available slot for you to play with.

Update – Microsoft have now posted this support article on the matter to try and clarify things a little. Unfortunately you still can’t be sure which microSD cards to buy, so for now, no upgrade for you.

Update 2Paul Thurrott, news editor at Windows IT Pro and author of a book called “Windows Phone Secrets” has already taken the plunge and swapped the card in his Samsung Focus with one that Patriot are selling as “For the Samsung Focus SGH-i916“. It worked a treat, but that now brings more confusion – Microsoft don’t currently have any “Certified for Windows Phone 7” stickers on these cards, so what’s stopping manufacturers like Patriot sticking claims like this on their packaging?

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