Three Turning Off Orange 2G Roaming?

Three Turning Off Orange 2G Roaming?

It looks like network Three is so confident in it’s own 3G network now that it has hit 97% they are starting to switch off roaming onto the 2G network supplied by Orange.  There is no confirmation if this has anything to do with the Everything Everywhere agreement now that Orange and T-Mobile are sharing 2G signal with 3G due next year, especially as T-Mobile have an existing agreement with Three for a network share which has helped double the size of the network in 3 years.

The Register have posted the following:

3 is adamant that the number of customers left without connectivity is tiny, though that minority is a vocal one. 3 tells us it’s only switched off the roaming agreement in places where its own (3G) coverage is comprehensive.

On reading various sites it looks like this will only effect a small number of customers but if you are effected give customer services a call as it is reported you might be offered either a discount or be able to cancel with no penalty (this will depend customer to customer and is not confirmed)

Link: The Register