HTC 7 Mozart gets microSD card swap too

HTC 7 Mozart gets microSD card swap too Agh! The humanity! This is the result of a successful but frightening microSD swap on the HTC 7 Mozart. The Orange-branded device has a microSD card slot mid-way down the right-side but a large amount of dangerous dismantling is required to get to it.

The HTC HD7 had a similar trick performed recently and we’re now getting slightly mixed signals on this whole issue. Up until now we’ve been told not to do this and that doing so could brick your phone, make the world spin backwards and possibly cause your house to explode. However, Samsung say that their US-bound Samsung Focus has an “External microSD™ memory card slot up to 32 GB”. So, if that’s Windows Phone 7 and you can upgrade memory on the fly (with any compatible microSD card we assume), why are most handsets hiding this?

Of course we have to advise against attacking your brand-new Windows Phone 7 device in this way, but I doubt we’ll be able to stop the unofficial underground upgrading operations.

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