Google Search – Now on Windows Phone 7

Google Search   Now on Windows Phone 7 If we’re honest, it’s safe to say that almost everyone uses Google. Sure, there’s some people out there who use Bing and Yahoo, but Google search is so widely known that you may feel a little lost in Windows Phone 7 without it. Today Google have announced their Google Search app for Windows Phone 7. It is, as ever, completely free to download via a search for “Google Search” in the Marketplace.

It’s not weaved into the system as deeply as you’d perhaps like (Bing still reins supreme on the dedicated search button and it doesn’t look like that’s about to change) but it can be added as a tile should you wish.

Update – We’re hearing that a few countries can’t see this in the Marketplace as yet. Let us know if you’re having problems.

Link – Google Mobile Blog
Credit – Tricky