T-Mobile G2 one click root application

T Mobile G2 one click root application

Paul O Brien from Modaco has been working on his visionary one click root app. It is available in the android market. Once installed you run the app and it will root your device. At the moment it works for the T-mobile G2 and the Desire HD. No doubt this will work on the Desire Z as well.

Paul has released a VISIONary + version of the app which is an optional donate version, which will showcase new features that will in due course migrate to the free version.

As the new HTC devices still do not have a permanent root solution Paul’s app is a great “faff” free application.

Paul is also working on making the app work with other devices such as the HTC desire and the HTC wildfire.

Head over to modaco to read up before installing.

Links – MoDaCoVISIONARY (Market link)