Because change happens

Because change happens During the last few years we’ve obviously linked to a number of sites and there’s one in particular that’s perhaps gained a certain reputation for a rather combative and tabloid writing style. The site hadn’t received an update for some time and, just this weekend, it emerged that Edward / Jacek had sold the site on. Yesterday a redirect was put on and all traffic, including old links, fires off to

Although there’ll no doubt be a certain section of our audience asking why we’re covering this, I thought it deserved a mention as it marks the end of a rather interesting and, at times, bewildering era.

Meanwhile, here at, we’ve got some big changes ahead. In a few weeks we’ll be doing some pretty major work on the site. Everything you’re looking at now will be given a serious overhaul – and I mean serious. We’ve reached a tipping point where the existing system and layout needs reconstructing from scratch, so – in the first few days of 2011 – you’ll see a new site, a new layout, new design, fixes to the comments system and a better content management system to deal with the extra writers we have on board. This isn’t just me re-hashing or re-designing it, this is real “bite the bullet” stuff which effectively reboots the way we’ve worked over the last eight years. Stay tuned.