Galaxy Tab On T-Mobile PAYG For £529.99

Galaxy Tab On T Mobile PAYG For £529.99

T-Mobile UK have just now on Twitter confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy Tab is going on sale 10th November for £529.99 on a PAYG Mobile Broadband price plan.

The following message was posted on Twitter..

“Good news for Android lovers: The Samsung Galaxy Tab will be available on T-Mobile from 10th Nov for £529 on PAYG”

T-Mobile offer 3 packages on Mobile Broadband for PAYG customers which is either £2 for a day, £7 for a week or £15 for a month use, with no charge for going over the “Fair use policy. This seems like a good deal. Vodafone recently announced their pricing for the Tab but seem to only offer when taken out with a SIM-only broadband contract which needs a credit check, this offer from T-Mobile being on PAYG needs no credit check.

Link – T-Mobile Galaxy Tab