Omnia 7 On PAYG WIth Three At £449.99

Omnia 7 On PAYG WIth Three At £449.99

UK network Three sell most of their phones on PAYG as well as contract options which is great for anyone who likes the benefits of a sim only package but buy a phone of your choice.

On passing a nearby Three store today I spotted that the Samsung Omnia 7 is also on offer costing £449.99 (as was the HTC Desire HD) which does sound a lot for a phone but when you consider at the moment most Windows Phone 7 devices are contract only with the HTC HD7 being the only other PAYG offering on O2 it is not actually that bad.

Three does not offer this handset on PAYG online yet and you might find some stores try to hold onto stock for a full contract but the pricing is there and the handset is available if you can find a store to sell one to you.

So now who would consider a 12 month sim only ‘One Plan’ for only £25 a month and buying one of these handsets outright?

Link – Three PAYG