Mobile phones in use back in 1928 ?

Mobile phones in use back in 1928 ? Now hitting over 2 million views, this Charlie Chaplin boxset will no doubt gain extra sales after this strange scene appeared on the internet. It’s part of some “behind the scenes” footage and appears to show someone talking on a mobile phone.. in 1928.

There’s already a massive response to this. Is this a time traveller who’s either constructed a mobile tower for it to work in 1928? Is it some sort of magical communicator? Is it someone who’s accidentally walked into the scene and is merely blocking the sun from her face? Forward to around 2.40 and decide for yourself.

Surely she should be using Bluetooth. Perhaps it’s an iPhone.. she’s holding it incorrectly too. Oh and yes, Halloween is right around the corner.

Update – David has added a comment suggesting that it’s an ear trumpet. Why is she using an ear-trumpet when no-one is talking to her though? And why is she talking into it? Looks like this one may run and run..

Link – YouTube