HTC HD7 Gets dismantled, microSD found beneath

HTC HD7 Gets dismantled, microSD found beneath Arne from has taken a screwdriver to his brand new HTC HD7 and found a microSD card lurking underneath. Microsoft really don’t want you trying to swap these things out and, luckily for UK customers, o2 are sticking a 16GB microSD card in theirs so you’ve got lots of space to play with. Microsoft state that microSD cards perform in very different ways with most cards being of “poor quality”.

So yes, there’s probably a microSD card hiding in your Windows Phone 7 phone somewhere and yes, if you’re extremely lucky you might be able to replace it without butchering your phone and bricking the OS. However, Microsoft say no, and we’d have to agree unless you fancy attacking your very expensive new Windows Phone with a knife and some tools, only to end up with a dead phone that won’t boot.

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