Custom ringtones on Windows Phone – An update

Custom ringtones on Windows Phone   An update Windows Phone 7. We’ve spoken a lot about it of late. My personal feelings are that, after a Service Pack, this could shape up to be a rather brilliant OS in a few months time. We’re in the here and now though, and the fact that you can’t upload ringtones is a little shocking.

Step forward the lovely people at xda-developers who have spotted the fact that you can read and write to the ringtones directory. Well, when we say “you” we actually mean “Apps downloaded from the Marketplace” can write to the ringtone directory. We’re assuming that ringtones will have to be purchased from the Marketplace, or some lovely person will code something to let us access that special ringtones directory and send our own MP3’s across. Just give us a file manager. Go on.

Anyhow, xda-developers aren’t too happy with the new locked-down Microsoft OS, and criticise the lack of customization within the OS.

Link – xda-developers