Windows Phone 7 – App switching demo

Windows Phone 7   App switching demo We’ve had a number of questions after our Windows Phone 7 Review was posted online. To answer some of them we’ve added a couple of videos. Many of you have asked me to explain the whole multi-tasking thing, so I’ve added two videos to show you how third-party apps in particular interact with the Windows Phone 7 OS.

These videos highlight the main issue I have with the phones, but it’s not to say that the OS should be written off. The phones are fantastic and I think that the OS itself is really nice to use. We’re lucky enough to have two Windows Phone 7 devices (Dan has the Trophy too) so these videos show them side-by-side.

Many thanks for all your questions (I will catch up with those on Twitter soon), keep them coming in and I’ll include them in future videos.

Update – We’re being told now that this behavior could just be poor app development. Each app has its’ own space to store data and state. When an app is exited (via the back button or Windows flag) the developer should be writing their cache to their sandbox space. It seems that apps such as Tesco and Seesmic are failing to do that step. We’ve been told to check out the National Geographic app as this should save its’ state correctly. We’ll let you know the results shortly.

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