T-Mobile Night In App For Android/iPhone

T Mobile Night In App For Android/iPhone

Customers of T-Mobile in the UK have the chance to ‘Get 5 things for £5’ at their local BlockBuster Video which include either a DVD and a game (or 2 DVD’s) a pack of sweets, popcorn and a bottle of drink.  This deal is worth around £13 but yours for just £5 between Monday-Thursday.

Before now customers had to send a text on their phone and wait for a code, but that has now been paired by a new free application for Android and the iPhone which not only gives you a code on screen but also lets you check the latest releases, find your nearest store and also if in the shop scan a barcode to find out more information.

If you have either an iPhone or an Android phone just search your chosen App Store for ‘t-mobile night in’ where you can then download this application for FREE!.

Screenshots are provided by Apple if you click for more information

Link:  iTunes App Download – T-Mobile BlockBuster Offer FAQ

Have a T-Mobile Night In with 5 things for £5 from Blockbuster. Make organising your T-Mobile Night In quick, simple and fun from your fingertips with the T-Mobile Night In app. Grab your Night In voucher, find your nearest Blockbuster store, decide what you want to watch/play, check out the latest movie and game trailers and reviews online by using the scanner, and invite your mates. All that’s left to ask is who would you invite to your T-Mobile Night In with 5 things for £5 from Blockbuster? 

• Get your T-Mobile Night In voucher 
• Find your nearest Blockbuster store 
• Latest release movie and game trailers 
• Scan the DVD or Game barcode to get the latest web reviews 
• Pre-filled SMS functionality to make sending invites to friends easy 
• Apply for a free T-Mobile SIM direct from your app